Nov 2015

Prof. Shaheer: And do it goes.

(image) Mazar of Mirza Ghalib ; Delhi.

“And do it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut might say” To which I asked , “ Ever liked Puckoon? Spike Milligan? 1960s; I think you will” And to which he said “ Yes” That was a few days back. I am staring at about 35 mails

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Jul 2015

On a Rainy Day.

(image) On a Rainy Day. In 2007, almost now nearing 8 years- the BATA factory land  in Kolkata started transforming into a new living community. Over time many cultural practices had got entrenched- people traversed the lands, it was full of shops; the local community used its grounds for festivals,

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Jun 2015


Professor P. B. Bhagwat, or Bade Sir to many students and folks in the office, celebrated his 85th birthday on 20th June 2015. (image) It was a Saturday and we spent the afternoon home, talking to him, laughing a lot and      cutting large cakes . Some pictures. And through

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Dec 2014

Spelt in Black and White – This is it

C.A.R.E. at Trichy , hosts an annual architects series. The first time around they had invited  Mohammad Rafiq Azam from Bangladesh. This year its us. This is on 14th December 2014. What is really interesting about this event, is that its perhaps the first time that an architects office is doing an

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Oct 2014

Unsung and three dimensional.

Rather so often in design offices, the principal designer gets his name splashed in all glory on every magazine cover and every presentation. I have seen firms started by some one ,changing their names , the moment it changes hands. When a son takes over it becomes  " & Sons"

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