Nov 2017

  A few days back we had hosted an eminent group of realtors at Baroda from across the country. Design and real estate seems an unending discourse that is rarely settled satisfactorily. In a country where real estate more than any public or government architecture makes the recognizable fabric of our cities this 

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Oct 2017

A Keynote Address; Bhopal

As I was telling some colleagues , this sudden spate of being called to do keynotes means that I am not so young that I am not taken seriously and not so old that I am seen as being senile. Its that age I suppose ! So after the Kurla Varkey

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Aug 2017

Architecture in Interesting Times

Architecture in Interesting Times Nirma College of Architecture Foundation Day Keynote Lecture 19th August 2017 Good Afternoon dear students and colleagues. I am told some parents of those who are soon to be young architects or have their wards joining the course are also here. Welcome to our world and greetings to you all too. To the

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Aug 2017

Where have the gentlemen gone? Kurula Varkey Forum- Memorial Lecture.

Where have the gentlemen gone? Text for KV Forum Memorial Lecture ; 11th August 2017. Young students, my fellow architects, my many friends  and peers. Good Evening. This, is the first memorial lecture that I am giving. I am, both, grateful, but also extremely intimidated. I do not ,say this lightly. It is not that I have not spoken at

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Jul 2017

Landscape Architecture at CEPT @ 25

Not many know , but the first  landscape programme in India was started  in around 1955- 58  in Khargapur in IIT.  It ran for about 5-6 years ,and then Prof. Bhagwat, who had started it ,  relocated to Ahmedabad and with that the programme closed. Then, was the one in

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