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The long Holi weekend, allowed some folks from the office to take a two day trip to the magical lands of Kutch. Vinay Kushwah, Shalini P., Sreedevi Mohan, Palak Shah, Bahaar Abhiyankar and  Dhrumil Kantharia, made the trip. Some selected pictures from Vinays camera.                                              
On 27th March, Mr. Aniket Bhagwat will give a small talk followed by a discussion with Kaiwan Mehta. Do see details:              
Any one who has come to our studios, which are split over two spaces, will always remember music wafting, or blaring depending on the time of the day and the person choosing music, through-out the day. The music mostly starts by 10.00 AM in the morning and ends only at around 8.30/9.00 PM when people go home. Both spaces play different sets of music. Its a mix of jazz, rock, sometimes but rarely classical music, Latin music, and popular Hindi music every-time a new movie has sounds that everyone likes. This music is piped through not your hotel variety insipid speakers, but small powerful speakers that pack a punch and play in each space. We love music- at least most of us do and the others tolerate or suffer. Many…
As part of their annual festival. Mr. Aniket Bhagwat will deliver a talk on 14th March 2014 at the SCET; College of Architecture in Surat. The talk is scheduled at 7.30 PM.  
The Architects Retreat , was held at the Yacht's  Club, in Mumbai on 22nd February 2014. The people who were invited and attended were, Meghal Arya , from Ahmedabad who is a senior faculty at CEPT University, and a partner at Arya Associates, Vijay Arya an architect  who has engaged with large-scale public work, Kiran Kapadia from Mumbai who runs a large design firm in Mumbai and has to his credit extremely large commercial and housing developments in the country, Rajeev Kathpalia of Vastu Shilp Foundation who has recently had a dream run, winning some of the most significant competitions in the country, Ashish Bhalla an Architect and a Urban Designer, who heads Vrindian , an India focused real estate and infrastructure fund, Suparna Bhalla , who leads a small but extremely lively…
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