An Office Landscape ; Mumbai

  • January 04, 2014
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Near Haji Ali in Mumbai is a new office building. As are many in big cities, at least from the distance, there is little to distinguish it from the sea of the many similar looking buildings. Should it look different? Should it not? This whole discussion about what are “back ground buildings : meaning, those that sort of vanish in a blur, and “foreground ” buildings, meaning those that stand out and have an identity is often an incorrectly represented discussion. True, all buildings don’t need to be flamboyant, or stand out strongly- but they at least must have an identity, a certain presence, a distinct character. In olden days, often this was, despite buildings being produced by a guild or following certain building traditions, provided by the great craft in their making, the small nuances, the special details. None of that happens much now. Sadly.
For the landscape of the building we tried to develop a language, a recognizable aesthetic and one that gave it a sense of place.
Some early pictures.

_DSC0004 _DSC0018

A show window of selected plants marks the entrance.  A detail of the water feature; a gabion wall installation.


The tight driveway , that just has space for a car turning is edged with a screen that hides the services behind.

DSC06134 DSC06137

The water feature installation in the background, with a lighting installation that forms the center piece of the drive way.

DSC06143 DSC06145

sld 11

Detail; Light Installation. 

  _DSC0037 _DSC0053

The top terrace is a casual cafe space. It has many island installation with screens designed based on the sun path; The planting is a range of grasses.




The in-between terraces have a series of screened seating that allows views of the sea.DSC06242


Being installed now, are large light installations; on three terraces. Once done, these will be symbolic beacons on the building floors- a form that is sort of marine, making a connection with the nearby sea.


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