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Rather so often when designing, the context allows the remaking of a setting, and then enacting the process of design in it. When confronted with a rather beautiful orchard within which we are building a large house and also designing the landscapes, Richa a young landscape architect  was confronted with the problems of mapping and establishing the site in her mind. For those who know the  work of LEAF, the drawings may seem familiar http://www.landscapeindia.net/outreach/leaf/ She studied the LEAF documents and then spent days at the site, and developed many layers through which she could appreciate, and map the many complex aspects of this wonderful site. Below there are 27 drawings from a total of 38 drawings that she made. What after this ? She has now written verse that…
In 1993; a few years after I had just started work, with some landscape experience and really no architectural experience, a client who I had done a residential landscape asked me to visit a land he had near town. It was barren. Completely. But had two majestic mango trees on it; the rest of the large land sun scorched and bare.  He wanted to build on it a place to sit; that's all- and did not want to spend much money. I remember seeing the trees, and deciding that I had to build somehow engaging them. The branches were low , and so I finally sunk the ground around it, and built at a diagonal, between the two trees, so as to not disturb the branches. And since the ground…
Louisa Jones the wonderfully humane and generous French landscape thinker and writer  (blog : www.louisajones.fr , Facebook : Louisa Jones Gardens ) mentioned our name to the editor Sarah Gills of the magazine Garden Design Journal from UK.  This is a good thinking magazine , that carries work well and selectively.  The editor approached Darryl Moore a freelance Garden and Landscape Design writer ( http://dmooredesign.blogspot.co.uk/ , Senior Partner Moore Harrison Land Design  www.mooreharrison.com , Cityscapes Director  www.cityscapes.org.uk  )  and a very good writer at that ;  who spent many hours talking to us and did what we believe is a balanced  incisive piece; we are happy to share this with you.      
Riddhi a young interior design student had two months before she left for her internship in Germany and found herself amongst us. Not knowing what excatly what she would do in that limited time, but clear that she must spend it appreciating design and enjoying it ,we gave her a loose mandate and asked her to sit in on discussions, read office documents, see drawings , pictures and talk to any one she felt like in the office and form her own version of what design means in this space and how she relates to it. After a few weeks of doing this she started developing a poster. This was preceeded by some reading on the history of poster art; and then a week back she made a presentation to…
The long Holi weekend, allowed some folks from the office to take a two day trip to the magical lands of Kutch. Vinay Kushwah, Shalini P., Sreedevi Mohan, Palak Shah, Bahaar Abhiyankar and  Dhrumil Kantharia, made the trip. Some selected pictures from Vinays camera.                                              
On 27th March, Mr. Aniket Bhagwat will give a small talk followed by a discussion with Kaiwan Mehta. Do see details:              
As part of their annual festival. Mr. Aniket Bhagwat will deliver a talk on 14th March 2014 at the SCET; College of Architecture in Surat. The talk is scheduled at 7.30 PM.  
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