Juan Grimm

Every now and then I suppose we find ourselves in places that seem pleasing and yet awkward. This I presume is one of them. In a Phaidon publication that maps 250 gardens , over 600 odd years, we find ourselves sitting in the company of  ShahJehan, Andre Le Notre, Geoffery Jellicoe,Thomas Church,C.Th Sorenson, Burle Marx, Luis Barragan, Repton, Paxton, Olmstead et all. This is down right embarrassing- since we would hardly qualify by miles. And yet there we are... How does it happen? I suppose an effort at stock taking;  at the desire to sort of have an updated list of all the gardens that matter till date. Even so, we suppose its rather difficult to say that one can club the work of say Sorenson, or an Olmsetad with…
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