Developing Ideas for Landscape Design

  • October 14, 2015
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Rather so often when designing, the context allows the remaking of a setting, and then enacting the process of design in it. When confronted with a rather beautiful orchard within which we are building a large house and also designing the landscapes, Richa a young landscape architect  was confronted with the problems of mapping and establishing the site in her mind.
For those who know the  work of LEAF, the drawings may seem familiar

She studied the LEAF documents and then spent days at the site, and developed many layers through which she could appreciate, and map the many complex aspects of this wonderful site.

Below there are 27 drawings from a total of 38 drawings that she made.

What after this ?

She has now written verse that she is struggling to convert into haikus, that explains the many dreams and moods  that this landscape can allow partaking in; about breeze, silver moonlight, crackling leaves, and many such things- and having done this well, she will attempt design.

Well, time will tell how that will go- but for now , she is enjoying this as are we; and hope you do too .

DSC00491_resize DSCN0067_resize DSCN7638_resize IMG_20150909_070531726_HDR_resize

Site location:00 GK_SITE LOCATION_resize_resize

Site plan:01 GK_SITE PLAN_resize_resize

Drainage plan:02 GK_DRAINAGE  PLAN_resize_resize

Sight  lines:04 GK_SIGHT LINES_resize_resize

Weave patterns:06 GK_WEAVE PATTERN_resize_resize

Sky cover:07 GK_SKY COVER_resize_resize

Seasonal variation – summer:08 GK_SEASONAL AVRIATION SUMMER_resize_resize


Seasonal variation- monsoon:09 GK_SEASONAL AVRIATION MONSOON_resize_resize

Seasonal variation- Winter:10 GK_SEASONAL AVRIATION WINTER_resize_resize

Breeze pattern – Feb. to April:

11 GK_BREEZE PATTERN FEB-APR_resize_resize


Breeze pattern – May to Aug.:12 GK_BREEZE PATTERN MAY-AUG_resize_resize


Breeze pattern – Nov. to Jan:14 GK_BREEZE PATTERN NOV-JAN_resize_resize

Shadow map – June morning:15 GK_SHADOW MAP JUNE MOR_resize_resize

Shadow map – June evening:16 GK_SHADOW MAP JUNE EVE_resize_resize

Shadop map – December morning:19 GK_SHADOW MAP DEC MOR_resize_resize

Shadow map – December evening:20 GK_SHADOW MAP DEC EVE_resize_resize

Fauna Summer:21 GK_FAUNA SUMMER_resize_resize

Fauna winter:23 GK_FAUNA WINTER_resize_resize

Sound map – summer:

24 GK_SOUND MAP SUMMER_resize_resize

Sound map – winter:26 GK_SOUND MAP WINTER_resize_resize

Smell -summer:

27 GK_SMELL SUMMER_resize_resize

Smell – winter:29 GK_SMELL WINTER_resize_resize

Foliage texture map:

33 GK_FOLIAGE TEXTURE MAP_resize_resize

Litter – summer:

34 GK_LITTER SUMMER_resize_resize

Litter – winter:36 GK_LITTER WINTER_resize_resize


Age maturity:38 GK_AGE MATURITY-_resize_resize


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  • i am really inspired by the projects and giving a thought to choose my dissertation and theses topics related to landscape.

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