Exhibition at Trichy

  • October 05, 2015
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In December 2014 , we had mounted an exhibition at the College at Trichy.  It was an accompaniment to the annual lecture.
With the exhibition we attempted to try and establish a new tradition- of practices going to educational institutions , and demonstrating their work and beliefs through many mediums- drawings, models,  words and a visual presentation. It was meant to allow the student the choice of mediums through which to absorb and evaluate the work being presented; not just words , or pictures alone.
Domus in one of their recent issues covered this well.
Kaiwan in his introduction wrote what we found  was a startlingly  incisive piece, that seemed to suggest a new beginning; an abandoning of ways that we are used to; of asking questions differently.
It was refreshing.
Do see.

DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-1


DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-2

DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-3


DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-4


DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-5

DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-6

DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-7

DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-8

DI_42_Trichi Exhibition-9

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