Exhibition on Indian Landscape Design; Call for Research Assistants.

  • April 20, 2015
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Exhibition on Indian Landscape Design; Call for Research Assistants.

A few years back with friends we had mounted an effort called A  Million Gardens; while we did not really go through with it to the extent that we could have, it was a very valuable endeavor and at least allowed us to restate , and investigate the meanings today of the gardens of the past, and more importantly try and define what constituted a garden in the Indian context. This led to a lecture that was well received, and that then became a LEAF document.


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What this did ,was plant the germ of an idea that since has recurred often, demanding that this topic be given better attention.

Beginning from May 2015 for 6 months we plan to invest energy in an initiative to take the next step.

We will do this with the following base understanding/belief.
a. The legacy of what constitutes Indian landscapes/gardens is not compiled or constructed.
b.It needs to be deciphered, and assembled in a manner  that allows creative /intuitive /inventive ways of deriving meanings that have relevance for today and the future.
This initiative will lead to an exhibition in Mumbai.

We are looking for young professionals who have a certain depth of thinking , and an ability to research. The work will involve travel . Graphic skills along with photographic skills will be welcome.
Do write us as landscapeindia@usa.net  

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