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  • March 09, 2016
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It started as a set of posters waiting on my table this morning and then this mail.
See attached.
What lovely friends you have!
They organize contacts for your firang friends,
make posters of your works,
send mails,
keep calling you,
go to your place to meet you!!
I am jealous!!

2016-03 Halfway-Retreat

2016-03 Taj

So what started all this ? A recent feature in a book  by Phaidon , and blogged earlier, was cause for some celebration and part embarrassment. While kind words were sent; this took the cake !
Geeta who ofcourse runs the only  landscape magazine in the country, and by  B. V. Doshis generous observation ” the only design magazine in India that’s really doing good work” is generally a serious person; but clearly with a wicked sense of humor- that  actually is a whole lot of fun. Every now and then , try as we do , we end up taking our selves seriously- too seriously, and I often wonder why.
To be honest , part of it is about being in a profession that by and large is not taken too seriously by a lot of people ( including its own practitioners !) and hence the  affectation. But the converse is also true. Too many people do not take it seriously when they should and I suppose strive to make a difference.
I suppose it would be nice to tread lightly, do good work, and go home and sleep and not fret too much.
Geetas posters certainly bring one closer to that  idea. It is a refreshing one- like good coffee its a good wake up call from time to time.



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