International Landscape Conference at Ahmedabad- Dec.2013

  • September 30, 2013
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A group of Academicians in town are working hard to put together this conference; and from all accounts it promises to a great fare with Indian and International speakers who will share their thoughts.
The idea of Cultural Landscapes,its understanding, mapping and management is without doubt a very important aspect of our environment and over and above the traditional meanings, new meanings are being explored each day. Over time this will be an important area that will define the profession and its meanings.
The conference is on 14th and 15th of December 2013- do block the dates and do come.
Please find details .
Fourth IFLA-APR International Cultural Landscapes Symposium (INCULS)
Ahmedabad, India                                                                   14th-15th December 2013 Introduction

The International Symposium on Cultural and Historical Landscapes (INCULS) is an annual event that was started in 2009 in response to the IFLA Cultural Landscape Committee’s (IFLA CLC) decision to highlight the importance of cultural and historical landscapes through teaching, research and consultancy in the Asia Pacific Region (APR). Subsequently, the first INCULS was held in that year in Seoul, Korea. From then on, the seminar has been held annually with increasing participation from minimum of 16 Asia Pacific Countries. Even though INCULS focuses on cultural and historical landscape planning and design of the living environment, it has received ever encouraging participation from people of other disciplines. This is due to the fact that cultural and historical landscapes are interdisciplinary in nature and need the participation from other disciplines such as legal, planning, economics, biology, botany, agriculture, art, etc. INCULS aimed at providing a platform for interdisciplinary discussions towards a common aim – providing a better and sustainable living environment for people and other living creatures sharing this planet through the lenses of cultural arid historical landscape. In addition INCULS also provides a link between policy makers, researchers and practitioners.

Symposium Theme: Cultural Landscapes – Transformations

Landscapes are inherently dynamic and transform through the ages due to their surroundings and the environment, which many a times consists of flora and fauna. Cultural landscapes, within their inherent definition, include any sustained relationship between man and nature. As understanding of natural resources and their relationship to man has evolved, many fields of study of cultural landscapes have arisen. Study of Cultural Landscapes has established its roots in fields of geography, landscape, geology, hydrology, climatology, botany, archaeology, etc. While their expertise varies, they ultimately converge at the point of man-nature relationships. This symposium aspires to document living and established cultural landscapes and their evolution, so that this topic does not remain in the domain of research only, and transforms into a professional field of practice.

Cultural landscapes need not be ancient or historical, they can also be contemporary. Colonization and unprecedented migration from rural to urban areas in the Asia-Pacific Region has immensely transformed cultural landscapes. Examples of this include the impact of Trans-Siberian railway as well as cultural changes due to Indigo farming and Tea cultivation in India, or the historical sea route from Egypt and Mesopotamia to India.Many such changes have resulted in a cultural turmoil, where traditional cultural knowledge shares space with new cultures being created as well as transformed traditional cultures. The symposium will document transformations in cultural landscapes through three themes:

1.  Conservation of Traditional cultural landscapes
2.  Transformed cultural landscapes based on contemporary views
3.  New cultural landscapes being generated in and around urban areas

Address for communication:
4th INCULS Organizing Committee,
c/o M/s Prabhakar B. Bhagwat, 901,
Panchatirth Apartments, Jodhpur Cross Roads, Satellite,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380015
For more details visit us at:

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