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  • December 25, 2015
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Tim Richardson is the rather brilliant and knowledgeable landscape writer from England; and has to his credit some of the most respected titles in Landscape Architecture. Many years back he did a book called Futurescapes ( Thames and Hudson) where he showcased 50  practices from across the globe that he had researched for a long time and believed  were valuable to the definition of the profession. We were one of them.
And now is the delightful book again by Thames and Hudson, where he picks  37  practices across the globe and examines how these firms think and draw.

Cover Page - Front

Pg 6

The introduction by Tim.

  Pg 316         Pg 317

Its delightful to be amongst some names that we have heard or known about; like Gustafson Porter and Taylor-Cullity Lethlean, and also see names of people we have met or known in our life like Ken Smith, or Raymond Jungles and then see the many names of people we would really like to know.
But more importantly the book is an absolutely wonderful collection of sketches and illuminates the way the fantastic world of landscape design can be imagined.
It  really is a must for the shelves of any designer.
Some culled images. ( We do hope we are not treading on any copyright issues; apologies if we are)

Pg 82        Pg 83The work of  Estudio OCA ;Spain

Pg 138       Pg 139The work of Edward Hutchison; UK

Pg 242       Pg 243The work of Proap;Portugal

Pg 258      Pg 259The work of SLA; Denmark

Pg 268      Pg 269The work of Tom Stuart-Smith; UK

Pg 282      Pg 283The work of Taylor-Cullity Lethlean; Australia

Pg 286       Pg 287The work of Taylor-Cullity Lethlean; Australia

Pg 34      Pg 35Our work.

Pg 36       Pg 37Our work.

Pg 38       Pg 39Our work.

Pg 40      Pg 41Our work.

Pg 42       Pg 43Our work.

Pg 44        Pg 45Our work.Cover Page - Back





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