Landscapes in Devastated Lands

  • October 30, 2013
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Not many months back, on the edge of Mumbai in Bhiwandi. an old client , desired to do a series of shelters for the devotees who walk to the Sai Baba Temple in Nashik- this was to be a mid way halt. It was to have shelters , a temple, and a dining space.
When we first went there, we were taken aback by the devastation and the neglect that the land showed.
Quarried rocks, no green cover, harsh coarse soil- it was an oppressive site. Many things were challenges- time being one of the biggest- but also that getting good surveys seemed impossible and a lot of the work had to be done by visiting the site often, and sketching there, and working with the land as it appeared when cleaned, or excavated, or post construction.

before DSCN4408  before DSCN4343

The campus, covers an area of 4 acres and has the shelters on the periphery, the dining block at the rear, and temple on another periphery, and a large devastated central area where nothing really was possible. As the sketch below indicates the center we imagined as having large Ficus Benghalensis trees, that would form a grove over time, and  a quick landscape of grasses would occupy the ground for now.

Planting _Central plaza

After months of tiring work, superbly supported by an inspired group pf people who handled the site, or  managed the design process, a recent visit was the cause of great gratification. The place was tranquil, gentle and the land nourished .Some pictures below of the transformation, that will only mature in time.

DSC_0457DSC_0421  DSC_0443


DSC_0485  DSCN7301  

IMG_6651  IMG_6653

While the place will be officially opened soon, we would strongly recommend a visit to sense and experience the space- to  arrange a visit do call Mr. Vipin Deshpande- 09930554256.

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