Architects Retreat

The Architect’s Retreat was held on February 22, 2014 at the Yacht Club, Mumbai. It started at 9.30 am in the morning and ended in the evening at 6.00 pm. Through the day the assembled architects made short presentations on:
Practice & Patronage
Practice & Structure
Practice & Technology
Practice & Communication
Practice & Academia
Academics & Pedagogy
Academics & Teaching
Academics & Learning

These were debated and recorded.
A book and a short film are accounts of that day.
Prior to this day, about 10 months in advance, many names were and finally decided on those who would be invited to the retreat.
They had to represent a large mix of attitudes and approaches to work, had to have a certain clear and continuous work accomplishment, represent a cross section of age groups, have inquisitive and academic bents of mind, be passionate about what they did and above all had to be well meaning, positive and honest; and had to be people who did not posture, or as less as its possible for a breed of architects.