Landscape Environment Advancement Foundation (LEAF) is engaged in research and publication in the area of landscape design and environmental planning. It supports research programs of varying durations every year.
We realized that there is very little by way of text, for landscape design studies, as also for architecture in India. There is even less, by way of a body of knowledge with which to theorize.
Then we have forgotten how to see. And when we do know how to see, we know very few ways to do so.
LEAF was born out of these concerns; and through many research projects we look at things that no one often cares to; how birds fly? Can we show sound graphically? Or smell? How does a cow in a city move differently from one in the village? What really happens in the small cracks and pores of the ground on which we walk? Can we find a structure in natural landscapes? And many such questions.
The research is always primary; always things we can sit and observe; the ways of representing this greatly debated and experimented.
-Aniket Bhagwat