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  • July 05, 2016
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The city of Stuttgart beginning this year is starting for at least a period of five years an annual event called Creative Days, which aims to invite Indian and German architects, artists, filmmakers et all.
But first the background.
Since 2004, the city hosts the largest  Indian Film Festival in Europe; something many don’t know.
This year the festival begins on 20th of July.
It has its genesis  in the fact that Stuttgart and Mumbai are sister cities and have a bond that goes back to 1968.

Sttutgart Film Festival 2016

The festival digs deep into Indian cinema and offers a fare that we here often don’t get to see or even don’t know about.
This year while movies like Nil Battey Sannata,  Neerja, Waiting, TE3N, and Masan will be shown; many more including Amdavad ma famous, Parched, Marriage Market, will be screened.
Link :

film festival 2

In all this, poonamdesigners an enthusiastic design firm   has launched a new initiative  with the support of the city of Stuttgart , called Creative Days which is what this post is all about. logo 2

This is what they have to say:

a. Why are we doing this?
Working interdisciplinary in our designstudio we wanted to create an international platform in Stuttgart for Design, Arts, Architecture, Urban Design, Culture, Creative Business with a bridge to India for the exchange of the different disciplines and opportunities for business.

The aim this year is to explore
:Solutions for the challenges faced by urban planners of the future include designing cities as urban conurbations. This and further issues such as sustainability and smart design. How will smart design influence our living and our future? How much smart do we actually need?
:Establish the concept of design as a creative element of innovation among industry players
:Reinforce the rationale of design as a significant factor of competitive distinction in local and global markets
:Create industry appreciation for design as an essential tool for planning and problem-solving
:Emphasize the importance of urban design as an approach to our challenging current situation in all the big cities
:Create a vibrant platform for free flow of ideas and inspiration among design practitioners, urban planners, experts and industry leaders.
b. What is the format?
This format is conceptualized as an annual event, which will take place at least in the next 5 years. Different events regarding design, arts, architecture, creative business will take place all over Stuttgart, involving design thinking and education.
c.  What kind or who are the people you will /have invited?
We have called architects, who, we are of  the opinion, doing exceptional work and have essential thoughts on urban planning, architecture and the future of our cities.
d. How does this fit in the over all cultural calendar of your city?
This event will start the week before the Indian Summer Week and the Indian Filmfestival and will continue in the Indian Summer Week and the Indian Filmfestival, which takes place in the third week of July every year.
Stuttgart is in the heart of Europe and it’s first class global companies and as one of the leading cities with a strong industry as Daimler, Bosch, WMF, Porsche is an ideal location for such an event. Additionally Stuttgart has one of the highest rate on architects and design agencies. The Academy for Arts and Design, where we have studied, is one of the leading academies with the history of the Bauhaus for design and architecture, where also Oskar Schlemmer had worked and educated. Also the University of Stuttgart is famous for it’s field of Architecture. A lot of Indians come here to study architecture.
e.  Who supports the event?
We have quite a few significant supporters from the city of Stuttgart as the poster indicates.
So this sounds like a great idea; and for more information reach out to:

And finally the posters and invites for the opening and this years ” Creative Days ” series.

Germany Lecture Invite Pg 1


Germany Lecture Invite Pg 2


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