The schedule for the 4th International Cultural Landscapes Symposium is finalized. December 14th-15th. Ahmedabad. W: Be a good idea to clear your calenders and come; promises to be good thinking fare.
A group of Academicians in town are working hard to put together this conference; and from all accounts it promises to a great fare with Indian and International speakers who will share their thoughts. The idea of Cultural Landscapes,its understanding, mapping and management is without doubt a very important aspect of our environment and over and above the traditional meanings, new meanings are being explored each day. Over time this will be an important area that will define the profession and its meanings. The conference is on 14th and 15th of December 2013- do block the dates and do come. Please find details . 4TH INCULS Fourth IFLA-APR International Cultural Landscapes Symposium (INCULS) Ahmedabad, India                                                                   14th-15th December 2013 Introduction About INCULS The International Symposium on Cultural and Historical Landscapes (INCULS) is…
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