Urban Gardens ; Small Lots- Many Tales

  • October 14, 2013
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Its always a struggle for a landscape architect to design a small garden. To begin with, when engaged with larger work otherwise,  to reorient and sensitize the mind to the smallest nuance,( sometimes small gestures  do get  laid on the wayside  in the larger projects !), but more importantly whose character does the garden imbibe, that of the owner, or the designer?
At  our studio we do these projects almost like a ritual of reorientation- every year we do a few- perhaps  five or six, so that we remind ourselves the  pleasure, of the small details, the  form of a single plant, the flower of another, the bird that comes to nest and many such tales that really can enrich our lives.DSC_9025
In Ahmedabad in a small plot of land measuring barely 900 sq.mts is one such garden.

The garden fronts an urban house, and in the small space that is provided, creates a world of its own, with a pond that stocks fish and also recharges the ground water, a deck that glides onto it and  allows one to sit in the midst of water, small benches, and  careful planting that creates and hides space.DSC_9004

The deck and the wooden seat are tantalizingly close- almost inviting people to sit on both and talk across the water.
DSC_9022  DSC_8992
From the verandah, the depth is an illusion- and the garden feels like a much deeper garden than it actually is.
DSC_8989  DSC_9020DSC_8990  DSC_9035
Above- The garden over time has of-course become home to many a bird and insect, but surprisingly has a couple of the  Siberian Lesser Whistling Ducks that make this their temporary home and also breed. On the right is the detail of a carefully crafted stone rill that carries water with precision, using gravity, and at one point even makes a siphon where the channels cross.DSC_9036
Another view from the Verandah. The garden is now 3 years old, and with each day gets mature and denser.

Vinay Kushwah.

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  • This is a very lovely design. I agree with you that small urban spaces bring challenges, but you address it quite nicely. The visual screen and the play of textures present two strongest parts of this work. Please post more!

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